Simple tips to optimise working from home

31 Mar 2020

As the Corona Virus (COVID-19) continues to impact the world, businesses are also not spared. To minimise the risk of employees catching the infection, many companies have implemented the Work From Home (WFH) policy.

As the policy seems to be sticking in many companies, have a look at some tips to help you optimise working from home and remain productive towards achieving your work goals. 

Set up a designated work area 

Before work can begin, it is best to survey one or more locations that can be conducive environments.

For some people, bedrooms are designated for sleeping, while shared common spaces in the house can be noisy and inconvenient.

These locations can be a designated work scope in your bedroom or study room, a quiet cafe, co-working spaces, or even the library. 

When space is set up like an office, your mind can be ready to work when you are there. If you prefer to work outside, make sure to practise social distancing. 

Bear in mind costs 

As WFH may end up being a long-term policy, you may wish to bear in mind that the designated work space that you choose can end up incurring some costs. 

You may feel more comfortable working in a cafe as it mimics work life routine. However, you can end up paying for higher price meals and drinks that can chalk up an amount as time goes by. 

Another area you may wish to consider working outside is the reliability of internet access. 

If your company has high-security intranet, a cafe's WIFI might not allow you to access your e-mails and shared files.

These factors may hinder your work productivity momentum and hinder you from achieving your work goals. 

Manage your time well 

If you choose to work from home, you may realise that certain conveniences of working outside might be lacking.

Breakfast and lunch can be easily bought along the way to work, but when working from home - these meals and even your tea break snacks have to be prepared on your own. 

To avoid end up eating instant meals and unhealthy sugar-loaded snacks, take the weekends to buy groceries and meal prep.

Other than feeding yourself well, staying indoors all day long may make you feel claustrophobic and isolated.

During your meal breaks, you can take the time to have a walk or grab a quick lunch outside to brighten up your mood. 




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