Soft traits that can help you get promoted

26 Aug 2019

Promotions are not just about hitting the targets and doing good work.

During a promotion appraisal, your boss needs more than just facts and figures or that "you are next in line" to convince the management that you are worthy of a promotion.

According to entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah, most promotable employees must have the right attitude and the right outlook.

After all, attitude might very well be the driving force behind every achievement, accomplishment, and success, he added.

So if you want to stand a chance at getting promoted, you may wish to consider developing the following traits:

Be a better teammate

In popular legal drama show, Suits, an employee marked for termination was taken off the fire list after it was shown that he motivated and aided his fellow colleagues to success - even at the expense of his own.

In real life, being a good team player is essential for individual success. A great employee provides the tools, expertise, training, or even just words of encouragement, to help his/her colleagues to do their jobs better and achieve business goals together.

Be humble

Humble people are always open to learn, ask questions or help - and to do the reverse, to give their time and offer a hand or support. Arrogant people, however, think they know everything and prefer to stand alone.

Another trait of humble people is also their willingness to share and give due credit. They are aware of the team member's efforts and know what it took to complete the task.

And due to their humbleness, they have no qualms taking on jobs which may seem menial as to get the job done - every loose end has to be tied.

Creating long-term impact

Are you in for the long-haul or are you just here for your own personal agenda? Companies want to see commitment, and when you start planting the seeds for long-term positive relationships, it may help your promotional chances.

Other than volunteering yourself with side projects and taking on extra roles, creating a level of respect and trust is a way to build a good relationship and influence with colleagues and superiors.

Teach and share

Other than being humble, being giving is another popular trait to teach. Share the knowledge and tips that you know and take the chance to informally mentor new colleagues.

If you get promoted, the newer colleagues might be under your supervision. By building up their expertise, it can give you a great team later on.

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