Perks of going back to work in the office

10 Aug 2021

While working from home is the current norm, it might not be so as more and more people get vaccinated, and restrictions are eased.

After working from home for more than a year, many might have gotten used to the comforts and established a good routine. But let's look at some benefits employees can have if they returned to the office.

Higher productivity

Kids, chores, meal prep, family members - these are just some distractions one can encounter when working from home.

Back at the office, staff can have their personal space and avoid distractions they cannot control.

They can focus on their work, be surrounded by helpful office tools, and not worry about home life.

Other than individual productivity, managing the team and other office matters are easier to coordinate in person. Teams can be more functional and work is aligned.

Better socialisation and collaboration

In the past, meetings might have been dreaded for being long and inconclusive. After switching to online meeting platforms, many might have missed the face-to-face gatherings and appreciated the value of physical contact.

Meeting in person might still be more convenient for people to communicate better and to work on ideas more efficiently.

Face to face is also said to be more engaging and build a better connection between the participants.

Moreover, with the presence of co-workers, employees can have more opportunities for bonding experiences and improve their mental health.

Work lunches and tea breaks are great ways to catch up with colleagues and share.


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