How HR can help new managers tackle challenges

05 May 2021

New leadership roles do not mean the employee has to take them on alone.

Let's look at how the HR team can offer new managers a big leg up stepping into their elevated assignments and responsibilities.

Learning the culture

New externally hired managers need time to develop an understanding into the company's norms and culture.

HR can be a trusting partner and ally to turn to for the new hire to get familiarised with the company policies, way of doing things, and garnering support from staff.

Also, joining the management ranks, the new leader will be familiar with the balance of power and hierarchy of the stakeholders.

HR is a valuable source of information to learn more about each department or team's competing needs and expectations.

The new manager can take heed and work seamlessly together with other teams instead of crossing fires.

Creating an internal network

Other than being in charge of the staff welfare, HR is also in the know. They keep track of skills and strengths and even personal work journeys of the staff.

HR can assign a network of mentors to guide the new managers on the transition journey and facilitate networking opportunities.

Giving feedback

Every staff has a way of consuming and receiving information - and it is also the case for feedback.

Based on past evaluations, HR can advise new managers on the best approach to deliver their expectations and advice for improvements without coming across as aggressive.

By knowing their staff better, the managers can minimise miscommunications and garner greater buy-in and support.

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