How to create a company newsletter that employees will read

05 Apr 2021

It may be a traditional form of communication by today's standards, but e-mail is still highly used and effective to deliver the news.

A company newsletter is one such tool to do so, but many employees choose to delete it before reading it.

Let's learn some tips to revive the company's newsletter readership and keep employees engaged and informed, as shared by Forbes.  

Voices from the employees

Nobody likes to read a dry and impersonal e-mail. Why not inject some life by including content from the employees.

The staff can write about their project challenges, wins and accomplishments, and even off-beat topics such as food, travel, or interests.

Reading about updates from colleagues can build stronger bonds and also give employees an additional platform to be recognised for their work.

Expertise needed

An unlikely section that can garner many eyeballs is an "expertise needed" section. Have a tough work challenge, or looking for information to unravel a solution? Why not pose it to your colleagues.

With a vast pool of people and aligned company goals, throwing out challenges within the company is a great way to create engagement and knowledge sharing.

And if the company seems to be lacking in a particular area of expertise, this can be an opportunity to provide training courses or develop new talents.

Snap surveys

E-mails these days can be enhanced with features such as videos, animation, and even polls. Want to gather feedback on employees' mental health or preferences on benefits? Do a snap poll.

With the initial results, HR can develop the poll into a full-fledged questionnaire to delve deeper into employees' opinions and feedback.

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