New ways to enhance employees’ growth and efficiency

04 Jan 2021

Forget bean bags, gym memberships, and fully-stocked pantry - these days, a line of leadership is emerging to lead employees into performing better and with greater satisfaction.

The empowerment leadership is an approach where the company places emphasis on putting the staff first, explained by Forbes Councils Member, Kumar Abhishek.

By doing so, it allows employees to be empowered to grow their skills and personalise their work experience.

Focus on outcome achieved

Does being in a physical location or hours spent on assignments indicate a high performer?

As COVID-19 drastically changed the way we worked in 2020, there has also been a shift in how companies measure productivity and performance.

Instead of clocking hours, managers now look towards outcomes and streamlining performance indicators to present a clearer picture of a staff's capabilities.

One way managers can help empower staff through this pandemic is to let them adopt new flexible working measures and support them through infrastructure to bolster their efficiency.

Team structure

As there is a more significant shift to digitisation, traditional company hierarchy are collapsing to welcome more agile and even project-based structures.

Some benefits can include more flexibility, management visibility, and simplicity in work processes.

Another added advantage is the introduction of dynamic roles which can let employees more opportunities to explore creative means in ideas or execution.

By restructuring the team member's roles and responsibility, performance appraisals can be enhanced from the usual twice-yearly policy-driven exercise.

With dynamic roles, employees can start more conversations on performance quality and expand its definition, while adjusting their work and focus toward achieving the right objectives accordingly.



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