How to find great employees during COVID-19

03 Sep 2020

As some businesses shut or layoff staff during the coronavirus pandemic, many untapped talented workers are looking for work.

If your company is looking to hire, here are some unexpected ways you can find great recruits during COVID-19.

Borrow temporary staff

Know a good company with the same business objectives and has furloughed its staff? Why not reach out to them and set up a short-term hiring arrangement with employees who wish to continue working.

As companies make a move for employees to go on no-pay leave, some are seeking out work opportunities to keep them financially sound. You can even discover the right fit as recruiting niche skill sets from overseas is pretty much impossible at the moment.

Look into skills directories

While many companies have minimised operations, others have levelled up their services such as logistics, delivery, or manufacturing and needing a sudden increase in manpower to cope with demand.

Companies such as Airbnb or Uber are helping their retrenched staff to find work by setting up a skills directory for them to make up for the loss of employment.  

Partner up with companies, recruiters

For companies who had massive layoffs, the HR can work with various partners or recruiting agencies to get priority access to jobs and interviews. For businesses in the same industry or requiring similar skill sets, the applicants are already trained and ready to take on the job role.

Another plus of this relationship is to foster a closer bond with industry partners and vendors during this time of crisis.

Utilise social media

Social media platforms have always been a great place to check out great talent. And with COVID-19, people are not shy to reveal their unemployment status with #outofwork, #retrenched or #furloughed.

With all their skills and CVs displayed, it has become much simpler to contact the hiring potential directly to grab their attention.

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