Google recruiter shares tips on how to make your resume stand out

05 May 2020

Getting a job at Google may seem like an impossible feat with the tech giant receiving around three million resumes a year.

But, though it sounds challenging, it is not impossible.

Kyle Ewing, Director of Talent and Outreach at Google, shared some insights to Fast Company on how to the tech company analyses resumes to identify the right candidates.

Have a pitch

According to some resources online, an introductory statement is considered out-of-date, but Ewing disagrees.

The summary at the top of your resume is a feature she enjoys and reminds candidates to keep it short to one or two sentences. She also stated that the summary could include relevant experiences or competencies that can bring value to the company.

Also, she encourages candidates to research and understand the company's values before crafting a summary that is aligned to its vision.

Show who you are

Many companies these days focus on finding a well-rounded candidate, so don't be shy to share information about your life experiences.

These experiences can include volunteer, passion, or side-hustle projects that bring meaning and joy to your life.

Ewing says Google looks for candidates who have a passion that is not related to their day job, and the resume is an opportunity to showcase these interests.

Add some numbers

A resume is not just a list of experiences, but also your platform to display your achievements. Ewing says it is essential to include any numbers and data to indicate what kind of employee you are.

These figures show the impact of your past work and your value to the team such as time saved, new business brought in, expansion of brand awareness and more.

Get the words right

As many companies move into using bots to filter candidates, Google still has not leveraged the technology. She shared that a recruiter will look at every resume within six seconds or less.

To ensure your resume will get a good look by any recruiter - it is essential to pad it up with keywords such as skills, competencies, products or industry.

A tip to doing it right is to refer back to the job description and craft out a resume to show you are a right fit for the role.

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