Passive recruiting tips for Human Resource practitioners

29 Oct 2019


Passive recruiting is way for companies to stay prepared to fill positions and can be useful for roles that may have high turnover or are difficult to fill due to niche skills requirements.

To stay on the ball and shorten the candidate search process, the talent acquisition team can try out several methods below to be in the know of the right people.

Utilise employee referral

A cost-effective way of sourcing for potential good hires is through employee recommendations.

High performers will be in the know of the industry's top people from other companies, which recruiters can tap into and reach out to.

The employees are not only familiar with the potential candidate's skills, but they will probably be aware of their characters and provide insights into their working styles and achievements and if the person is on the lookout to explore new opportunities.

Depending on how close the employee is with the candidate, they might even give you information on what are their values and possible pull factors for them to join the company.

Look into talent communities

On social media platforms, there can be communities set up for different interest groups.

For example, on LinkedIn, there are communities for marketing, accounting, IT, and more. These platforms are for practitioners to discuss topics and news, and build a talent community of shared skills.

They are also places for people who may be looking for job roles.

Companies can join these platforms to promote a position or promote their branding less aggressively.

Promote company branding

To expand on the topic of the company's brand, sharing off a personality is a way to garner support and buy-in from people.

People take up jobs not only for the role but also due to company culture, especially for top talents who know their skills are valuable.

To engage passive candidates, Human Resource can stay authentic and actively promote your brand story and happenings.

By sharing stories on customers, employees, or strategies, the company can not only promote itself as a brand employer but also spark interest in potential candidates as a great place to work at.

Provide training

Passive recruitment is a skill that requires some preparation.

Companies have now approached a less corporate manner and have been providing slice of life, fun content to share company culture in the form of videos, posting, or engagement events. Team members might not have adequate soft or technical skills to create such content.  

Postings on social media websites or articles can the company needs to be carefully thought out and discussed to ensure that the right message is put across, if not it turns candidates off.

Managers can encourage the team to augment such skills and effectively promote the company. 


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