Why you should avoid running old technology in your company

01 Oct 2019


Why you should avoid running old technology in your company

Technology can be a costly investment and expense for many companies, especially small businesses.

But even if it can take a big chunk out of your business costs, upgrading technology and systems are essential to running your company operations efficiently.

We take a look at the ways keeping old technology can become pitfalls and hinder you from achieving business goals.

Slow response time

Have you ever used a really old or outdated computer? Do you notice how slow it is to run any programmes?

This is the case if you are using older systems, it slows down your entire business operations as it is unable to process requests quickly as compared to a newer system.

When doing reports, you would not want to keep a customer waiting as you are unable to pull out the results fast enough.

Lesser capabilities

Systems require regular updates and patching; and when you are using a version that is too old, the company may not even produce new updates for them. In this case, the application has turned obsolete.

You would need to decommission the system and upgrade it to the latest version; else, you leave your company data vulnerable to security attacks.

Also, old technology means you won't get to enjoy enhanced functions to improve your company's efficiency and capabilities. Your output and productivity will be stagnant as your resources cannot support your growth.

Lose out on innovation

Innovative software is widely used in companies these days, and they can come in various forms such as robotic artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud technology and more.

If you do not update your systems, you won't be able to incorporate these emerging technologies and capitalize on their advantages.

Moreover, you will end up relying on manpower to perform tasks instead of automating mundane and cumbersome tasks such as churning reports or data entry.

Forgo talents

As the younger generation is tech-savvy, having a company running on old technology can make you lose out on hiring the best talents.

Currently, the world is thriving on innovative technologies to power up all aspects of our lives. Even if you are not able to invest in the latest software, it is best to keep it regularly updated to keep up with your competitors.


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