Tips to express yourself better during interviews

01 Oct 2019


Tips to express yourself better during interviews

Good speaking skills are a great way to capture your interviewer's attention and share with them your skills and experience without listing down your credentials.

By being able to express yourself well can help make you more relatable and allow your interviewer to know you as a person better within that short period.

Don't be shy to admit failure

An essential tip to a successful interview is not to overshare or over boast, instead focus on your strengths and character.

Share a work challenge you experience or an assignment that exhibits your tenacity to overcome difficulties.

Even if you did not successfully overcome the task, it is alright to admit that you failed, but pick out points on how you would do it better the next time.

You are not required to be an expert in everything. We all learn through experiences, and by showing that you are not beaten by it and even pick out learning points from the assignment can show that you are a resilient person.

You may wish to give a quick background of the task, and recount what were the difficulties, and share how you went about to complete it. Then, you can provide your insights on how you would go about it the next round.

Don't over talk

Before your interview, take a look at the job description and pick out the leading roles and responsibilities you will be undertaking.

If the role is for social media, prepare a story on a campaign that you have worked on, or talk about the conceptualisation of your posts and designs.

Your speech should be short and straight to the point. You can mention a successful campaign and one that did not pan out as desired.

You do not need to go through all the steps to achieve the end product, but to give a summary and how it can relate to the role you are interested in.

Don't steal the spotlight

In an interview, we may wish to shine the spotlight on ourselves, but if your current role is of a junior position - try not to make it seem like you are the team leader, or the success of the project depended on your efforts.

If you worked with a team to complete an assignment, don't be shy to highlight the efforts of your teammates.

Being able to give due credit and recognise your colleagues show great humility and character.

Learning from others is also a great way to augment our skills.

Sharing your past work experience starts with an intriguing start and a satisfying ending. But, if your previous role didn't excite you too much, the way you tell it can still make it a big difference with an enthusiastic attitude.


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