Handle “Do you have any questions for us?” like a pro

15 Apr 2019

Your interview is going great and then the moment comes - the hiring managers ask you the nerve- wrecking "Do you have anything to ask us?" question.

By this time you might be feeling mentally tired from the interview, but here is your last chance to make an impression before you leave.

Here are some questions you can ask as shared by recruiters and companies to Huffington Post.

These questions do not need to be asked only at the end of the interview, they can also be weaved in anytime when appropriate.

1. What made my application stand out from the rest?

Have you ever wondered how you got short-listed from all the other capable candidates?

It can show you what are your top skills for this role and insight to how you stand out against the rest of the competition.

2. What are the biggest challenges the company/department are facing at the moment?

This is not just a question for them, but also for you to reflect and share some knowledge.

After listing the challenges, you can share your industry knowledge and open a short discussion on how to ameliorate the situation.

3. What do you like best about working here?

This light-hearted question can give you a clue on how the working life will be like.

It also allows you to get personal with the interviewers and let them talk about themselves for a change - this is great for building rapport especially if they happen to be your immediate supervisor.

4. How are the company values carried out?

Company values are usually tied in with their long-term goals and strategies.

Knowing how they are carried out can be a good way to understand the company’s direction and growth.

5. What is considered a successful employee here?

Other than technical abilities, a successful employee can also have other skills - by asking this question, you can find out what other qualities the company is looking for.

It can highlight expectations that may not be part of your daily tasks.

6. What is your management style like?

If interviewing with your possible supervisor, knowing their management style is a key to a successful relationship.

Whether it be ma micro or hands-on approach, this feedback can help accelerate a good working relationship and up communications.

7. How would you know if you picked the right person 3 months after?

This question can help you find out what the performance appraisal will be like. It highlights the manager's goals, expectations and objectives for the job.

These questions are a guide for you to leave with a good impression - but do remember to keep them short and be respectful of the interviewer's time.

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