How to manage HR resources effectively

05 Apr 2021

HR managers have some of the most essential key skill sets in a company.

From planning to organising and appraising, HR roles are essential to maintain sustainability and profitability by managing the company's physical and human resources. 

Let's take a look at what HR can do to manage resources effectively.

What skills are needed?

HR does both short- and long-term planning. As such, they need to forecast the skills required for the projects or goals at hand.

By periodically relooking at the skills and job roles available, HR can plan more efficiently to ensure the company's objectives can be achieved.

How to organise the team?

A proper job fit can enhance team performance, and HR's role in skills allocation can contribute to successful task completion.

HR can work together with management to ensure team cohesion is developed and each member is clear on their job roles and responsibilities.

How to engage employees?

A team that cannot communicate with each other can lead to distrust and disharmony.

HR can get employees involved in work and non-work activities. Besides team bonding events, trust and bond can be built by getting employees involved in project planning, decision making, or informal team lead.

How to leverage technology?

Be it for performance, appraisal, or mental health - technology has many apps out there designed to suit your needs.

Technology tools can quickly pick up changes in employee's welfare climate, work performance, or satisfaction within the company.

As a platform, it is also an effective way to create open communications and collect feedback in real-time.  


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