Resume mistakes you should not make on social media

17 Feb 2021

Broadcasting skills and experiences on social media is getting popular as people turn to these platforms amid a weak hiring job market.

While the potential to get seen and heard can be exponentially high due to Likes and Shares, but before you hit that publish button, let's look at some ways you could be unknowingly affecting your chances instead of upping it.

Inconsistencies with information

Everything posted on social media is time-stamped and easily checked with a quick scroll. Companies are also sharing their corporate events and activities to generate engagement with staff and the public.

Other than information, photos can be easily found on the platforms.

Education, work or internships that don't align with your resume are red flags that need to be clarified with a solid reason during interviews.

Always be consistent with dates and information, and should match with what you post online.

Unprofessional postings

Besides your resume details and career highlights, recruiters are also looking out for unpleasant social media behaviour. Reports have shown how contracts have been withdrawn from candidates whose online footprint is muddled.

Comments posted on posts can also be analysed by recruiters and might even come across as off-putting or unprofessional.

Think before you post anything and resist the urge to start an online brawl, especially on professional networking platforms.

Unpleasant photos

Most platforms are heavily populated with images, so be sure to publish professional photos of yourself and remove any unpleasant one taken in the past.

After all, we don't want the first impression your potential boss sees of you is one you prefer to keep locked or deleted from the web.

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