Tricky work situations and how to resolve them

02 Nov 2020

Many workplace situations can occur daily from the odd, funny, to even serious.

Let's look at three common everyday incidences that can happen and learn from HR experts on how to resolve them as shared on

I wrote untruths in my resume

While writing our resumes for job applications, it is not uncommon for the job seeker to overstate their experiences or achievements - but what about giving untruthful information?

In a question posed to a forum, a person confessed that he lied about going to an elite university and got shortlisted for a dream role. Now, as the selection process is drawing to a close, he is feeling unsure if he should reveal the truth.

The best way to correct this mistake is to take ownership and give up your application for consideration. If the company places high emphasis on the schools attended, they may take heavy action if it was found out the applicant had lied.

The act of lying can end up damaging the person's reputation and credibility and chances for future work opportunities.

The friend whom I recommended ghosted the job

Referrals are common ways to get friends or colleagues matched to new jobs. But what if after recommending someone, the person "ghosts" or suddenly becomes uncontactable, and the hiring person is left feeling frustrated?

In this situation, it is best to discreetly contact the person you have recommended to find out why he/she has not been going to work, rejected the offer with no explanation, or simply became unresponsive.

Reach out to the friend with the intention to support them. Then, find out more about the situation and ask for his/her permission if you can relay a message to the hiring company and not have them come up with reasons on their own.

I feel guilty going on leave before quitting

Do you feel guilty trying to use up your leave before you permanently leave a company? Not only your team is going to be down a headcount, but you are also clearing leave as not all companies allow encashment.

According to the experts, there is no reason for an employee to feel guilty taking leave. Leave days are part of your compensation package and company benefit, and should be utilised as you see fit.

To ease the workload for the team, the staff can prepare detailed and meticulous handover notes to cover all bases.

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