Stuck in your career? Try these ways to reinvent yourself

04 Oct 2020

Feeling burnout or stuck in your career? It is not uncommon to end up feeling unsure about the next steps to take or lose enthusiasm at work.  

Quick ways to rewind your mind and body can be to take a new class or a break to refresh yourself.  But what if the feeling persists and you are unable to lift your spirits? Why not try these following ways.

Change of focus

Do you feel your friends are getting ahead in their careers while you are stuck in the same position? Does the thought bother you, keep you up at night and cause you to avoid social gatherings?

Why not take a step back and be aware of your feelings? Analyse your trigger points and look at the issues that are bothering you. Also, focus on the good and look at the areas that are going well for you at work.

By looking at things from a different perspective, it can help you appreciate the hard work you have put in and manage your expectations.

Clear out emotional clutter

One of the reasons why we feel inadequate is because we keep comparing ourselves with others. The feelings of being underappreciated or overlooked by our supervisors can make us believe we are not worthy of moving ahead.

When we remove the comparison, we can stop growing the emotional clutter within ourselves and change to a positive and learning mindset.

Start asking "why" or set up one-on-one meetings with your supervisor to find out what skills gap needs to be closed up.

By taking action, one can have an in-depth look at the whole situation instead of imagining bad scenarios in the head.

Change up your routine

A quick way to refresh your mind and body is to make a change in your routine. Taking on new classes, meeting fresh faces are good ways to start.

By exploring new interests, you can tap into undiscovered talents and networks, and brainstorm ideas on how you want your career to move.

These small changes can have lasting effects or introduce you to new opportunities. So, start envisioning the career path you want and try new things to gain clarity on it.

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