Tips for team leaders to manage during work-from-home period

05 May 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting many cities in lockdowns, many businesses have turned to work-from-home (WFH) to keep operations running.

If you are a team leader managing a newly remote team, here are some ways to handle this transition smoothly and foster a stronger bond and morale during this period.

Give the team time to settle in

WFH is a new environment for employees, and some may need some time settling in. Whether it is setting up a new workspace in the bedroom or embracing new technology, WFH is a transition employees need to adapt to.

Managers can highlight the potential challenges such as unexpected disturbances from family members or neighbours, and building a work routine to ensure they do not overwork or have no time for their personal needs.

Through online meetings and sharing sessions, managers can discuss the team member's needs and help each other or resources. By reminding colleagues to be flexible to each other's needs, the business should continue as usual once the transition period passes.

Avoid micro-managing

Out of sight, out of mind may be the first thought that may come to mind when we see a dip of performance or when we see employees go "offline".

Managers can avoid become micro-managers by setting clear deadlines and channels for communication. If you would like to instil new work rules or KPIs, make sure you have clear reasons before addressing your employees.

By creating an environment where colleagues trust each other to perform, managers can keep the work momentum going.

Be positive

The current situation can affect the emotional health of many with all the uncertainties going on.

Managers can help manage the team's emotional health by being transparent with the business and progress, and be open to listen and answer the staff's concerns.

Employees look to their leaders for direction, so take this opportunity to showcase your leadership skills in empathy and positivity.



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