Looking to make videos for recruitment? Here are some tips to get it right

05 May 2020

Companies are going beyond social media and traditional media to recruit potential new hires.

In today's competitive labour market, many top firms are making engaging, fun videos to create greater awareness of their brand, give insights on why they are a good employer, and showcase the roles they have available.

A fun, engaging and likeable video is essential to get the word out and get people excited to work there.

Highlight your company culture

Did you know? In Cisco's annual Internet report, it was revealed that recruitment agencies saw an 800 per cent increase in engagement when the job advertisement has an embedded video.

Millennials are looking beyond compensation packages in their job hunt. They are also looking for companies with mission and vision that align with theirs. But reading it on the website may not be as impactful compared to a video with sound, colours, and visuals.

In the video, the company can feature key leaders and have them promote the company, supported by facts, figures, or trivia. They can even highlight little known facts and become attractive to job seekers.

Showcase your employees and office

Another advantage of showing a video is the chance to introduce your current employees. By having a human touch, the staff can give candidates a slice of life in the office and share testimonials on why they enjoy their work and company.

By having a site tour, it can give candidates a more precise idea on the environment and work life. Do you have an office gym, childcare services, or well-stocked pantry? Take the chance to share your benefits with your audience.

Include a call to action

With a video, you can add in a persuasive voice and call out to potential candidates to apply or share with their friends.

You can provide details in the video with links, QR codes, or e-mails.

With your company logo, candidates can trust that the video is a legitimate hiring practice and be assured that they are not applying to a job scam.


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