HR strategies to improve employee engagement

31 Mar 2020

The role of human resources (HR) has evolved throughout the years, from payroll, recruitment, administrative to today's new areas of employee engagement and satisfaction.

Employee engagement, described as the relationship between employees and the organisation, can be bridged together with the expertise of human resources.

Other than periodic company events, learn how employee engagement can encompass a range of activities and initiative to enhance work life.

Get digitised

Everybody has a smart device these days. A way to efficiently communicate and engage employees is to leverage mobile applications.

A technology that has been maximised for entertainment, HR can optimise services such as payroll, benefits, or feedback digitally.

Moreover, such platforms can be used to share news, correct misinformation, and create online spaces for employees to socialise.

HR can consider enhancing the e-mails sent across with videos, interactive infographics and quizzes. By expanding the variety of modes and mediums, HR can grow greater communication within the organisation.

Use thought leaders

Social media influencers are useful in marketing new products and services. But in companies, HR can spot influential leaders and channel company objectives through them.

HR can identify such peoples and connect with them to promote initiatives. By incorporating new communication channels, employees can get to know their leaders in a more personalised way and ask questions they may not feel comfortable in person.

By getting the company talking, employees can foster a greater relationship.

Up your brand

Company loyalty is said to enhance staff retention, but how can we reach out to employees in your company size is large? The power of branding is one way to do so.

One of the successful campaigns is to use highly-engaging visuals to share customer or employee stories.

By highlighting the inner-workings of the company and the individual efforts of the staff, HR can promote greater awareness and bring about the message that the success of the company is through its people.           

Also, company merchandise is another way to go. Freshly-designed companies shirts can encourage them to display where they work and make it easier to spot colleagues and start conversations.

Depending on your budget, there are always many ways to design a cost-effective programme to engage staff.

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