New and effective ways to pad up an orientation programme

25 Feb 2020

Welcoming new employees is no easy feat, and when done wrong, the new person can get off to a bad start in the company.

To prepare a better orientation programme, HR can consider adding these new but useful and fun tools as part of the onboarding process.

Leverage social media tools

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram? These social media tools are a smart and casual way for new employees to gather and get to know the company better.

Through the platforms, depending on its capabilities, it can also house important information, give employees a space to ask questions, and feel a sense of belonging.

Being around people like themselves can help to give them an informal environment feel less uncomfortable about being new to the company.

Through the platforms, it also empowers new employees to take charge of their orientation and more flexible to be creative.

Moderators can start discussions or engage employees on favourite lunch spots, send in pictures of your new desk, highlight essential places or people in the company, or showcase orientation activities.

Join in team bonding activities

If your company is large and has many function rooms or even a gym, why not include a fun activity like improve class, dance, sports, or crafts to get the employees to know the company better.

In a casual setting, employees can get to know about the company and its culture, and enjoy themselves.

By knowing that their company is investing in their onboarding process, the employees may feel more valued.

Lunch with management

Another way to help your new employees feel valued is by bridging the gap between leaders and staff through lunches or tea break socials.

By closing the hierarchy, employees can get to meet the management team and hear them express their views and experiences in the company.

Furthermore, they can go in detail and give more explanation on the company's current strategies and goals.

By getting a broader perspective, new employees can feel right at home faster, feel closer to the company's mission, be inspired by their leaders, and know what is expected of them.

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