Improve your interview skills with these tips.

30 Dec 2019

Let's take a look at some of the topics that can be worth preparing before you head into an interview.

There are many tips out there that tell candidates what to say during an interview about their job skills and capabilities.

What about the topics that may raise red flags about them? Let's take a look at some of the topics that can be worth preparing before you head into an interview.

Wrong focus

An interview is a chance for the candidate to showcase his skills and competencies, but when the conversation is too focused on him - it may send warning bells to the hiring manager.

The candidate should prepare their interview notes to encompass more - such as research on the company's values and strategies. The interviewee can also turn the tables and ask the interviewers pertinent questions regarding the role and expectations. 

The applicant may wish to avoid making the interview all about him. An essential tip is to find out what is best for the company and how he can close the gap and contribute as an employee.

Unaware of time

In our haste to highlight our work experiences, we might end up talking endlessly and be unaware of how much time we have taken up.

A good tip to increase your awareness is to check in with the interviewer on time.

Before you start talking about a work project, you can mention that as this project has many details, you will be spending more time on the explanation to give a clearer picture.

By doing so, you can show that you are considerate and conscientious that the person's time is as valuable as yours.  

Ask for clarification

Interviews are two-way, and after the interviewer poses a question and you deliver a question - ask them back if you have fully answered their question or if they still need clarification.

It is not surprising that the hiring managers may not fully understand your previous job roles in a different company or industry. Candidates should not assume the interviewers know everything and launch into their work description without giving context to the projects highlighted.

By asking them if they require clarifications or have follow-up questions, it also shows that the candidate has no qualms checking their performance against expectations and finding the gaps to rectify.

Show appreciation for the opportunity

According to, any positive company culture is founded on respect for each other. By showing appreciation to the interviewers for taking the time to meet with you is a great way to leave a good impression.

Either by e-mail or given at the end of an interview, showing gratitude can be a humble display of respect and good working attitude.

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