How managers can give resume-worthy job experiences to employees

21 Nov 2019

Each employee has the potential to do better and become a future leader - and to develop their skills lies in the hands of their managers.

To do so, here are some ways team leaders can craft work experiences and opportunities that can be advantageous not only for the employee but for the success of the company as well.

Understand their values

Is the employee career-driven or family-oriented? By knowing their values, managers can drive their employees to find meaningful and fulfilling work.

Other than values, having a good understanding of their interests is helpful to steer them to projects to develop more considerable skills and competencies.

A person may wish to grow their IT skills such as data analytics but are currently not well-versed in them now. A manager can spot his desire and allow him to work in more IT-related projects to give him greater exposure.

Test out their capabilities

Don't under-estimate your employees' abilities and give them more than you think they can handle.

By pushing them out of their comfort zones, it activates them to think harder and challenge themselves to be more proactive. Even if they fail, the experience will be a good learning point for them to build confidence.

To avoid utter failure, managers can keep a vigilant check on the work progress and send in some help when needed.

Provide lateral team projects

Some companies have side projects for continuous work improvements, and one of the best ways to do it is to have a diverse team.

Give your employees the opportunity to work on different projects with other teams to learn more scopes, grow skills, and get a greater understanding of the internal workings of the company.

Elevate their work goals

More than just numbers and targets, work goals can encompass higher significance. Managers can assign employees promising projects or ask them to source for ideas on new tasks.

By letting them know they have the flexibility to do more beyond their job scope, employees can start to grow a more daring mindset to take on new challenges.

If not, let them come up with their improvement projects and manage and track their own goals, allowing them to grow a wide array of skills from management, soft skills, to even budgeting.


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