How HR can partner with stakeholders to create a better company culture

29 Oct 2019


It takes a concerted effort within the departments in the company to build a cohesive brand and culture.

According to Forbes Human Resource expert, company culture is as much as a personality as it is the way it operates.

As a bridge between employees and external stakeholders, Human Resources play an important part in supporting the company brand image.

If there is no buy-in from the department, the company may witness high employee turnover and have difficulty in attracting good candidates.

At the same time, Human Resources cannot work alone to build and promote the company's brand. Let's look at the ways the team can collaborate with other internal stakeholders to successful create a better company culture.

Source for culture fit

Recruitment is a key factor in getting the right people in. Other than skills and competencies, talent acquisition has to source for the right candidates with the personality as well as alignment to support the core values, mission, and strategies as the company.

One way of doing so is by looking for potential hires that already have the traits of the company culture.

By hiring the people who already subscribed to similar thinking as the company, it will be easier for them to assimilate and fit right in.

Partner with top management

The management board is people in the company whom staff look up to.

If possible, Human Resources should work with the C-suite level or other highly regarded employees who can gather support and foster greater company culture for long-term branding growth.

With top management modeling the company's desired behaviour, it can flow into motivation the rest of the company to do so.

Correct bad behaviours

One way to quickly damage company reputation is when employees perform poorly in public.

To ensure a positive company branding, Human Resources can work with company leaders to promote professional behaviours and correct bad ones promptly.

Other than internally disciplining employees, companies need to put out agreed statements that will provide transparency of the issue to the public and deliver measures to rectify the matter and prevent future such happenings.

We all make mistakes, but finding humility and correcting these negative actions on time, especially when company matters can be made public easily, are a way to build a positive company image.  


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