Ways to have a safe and pleasant business trip

01 Oct 2019


Ways to have a safe and pleasant business trip

Business trips can be fun and exciting for some, and nerve-racking for others. Oftentimes such trips are taken alone and can be in a remote country far from home.

In rare cases, travellers can encounter scams or uncomfortable situations that they did not prepare for.

To protect yourself, learn the ways and things to look out for when you are on a solo business trip.

Thefts on planes

Thefts on air crafts are uncommon but not impossible.

If carrying essential documents like contracts to be signed or containing sensitive information, it is best to have it with you at all times and locked in a briefcase.

On the plane, you can stow it under the seat in front of you. If you need to use the washroom, you would need to take the case along.

For your own personal valuables, you can consider investing in a sturdy travel bag that comes with a reliable lock.

Act professionally at all times

When travelling for business, you are still representing your company even though you are out of the office.

As such, you will be expected to behave professionally outside of meetings and during your free time. You may wish to avoid places such as unlegitimate spots like underground casinos or nightclubs.

At many locations, cameras are installed for monitoring purposes and you may get caught in the act of unprofessional behavior.

Make sure your hotel room is locked

Hotel break-ins may occur at remote sites, especially in areas where crime rates are reported to be high.

It is best to lock your room door as well as the windows and alert the front desk when you are leaving.

You can consider leaving your key card at the reception as well in case you get pickpocketed or lose the room key.

Change your money in your home country

If you need to carry a large sum of cash, change it to your home country instead of your destination.

It can lessen the chance of you getting scammed and getting better rates.

Also, since you are in a new place, you may not be familiar with the banks, money changers, or ATM locations.

When it comes to money, you can consider carrying more than necessary in case you need to pay hefty amounts in cash for a new flight or hotel due to a natural disaster or airport strike.

Avoid public WIFI

Public WIFIs are insecure connections that can allow your details and password to be leaked.

Use the internet from a trusted source like at the hotel or through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) network.


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