How to get along better with your coworkers

01 Oct 2019


How to get along better with your co-workers

In the office, just like in school days, like-minded people tend to group together.

Even if you may not be included in the office cliques, here are some ways for you to be perceived as likable - even if you may not share similar interests as your colleagues.

Good attitude

A positive attitude is a priceless attribute for an employee to have. It is also more enjoyable to work with someone who is eager to get work done and does not show a glum face or become argumentative when assigned with work.

A smiling and good attitude can also show that you are open and helpful so that colleagues will feel comfortable talking to you or asking you for help or opinions.

Work ethics

Coming to work on time and not taking long lunch breaks are signs of a hardworking ethic.

It reveals that you are dedicated to the job and respectful of company working hours and policies.

Also, by coming to work on time and being there during office hours, colleagues will be able to reach you as and when they need - which is useful if you are working in teams.

Moreover, if you are always away from your desk for no particular reason - people might think you are slacking off somewhere.

Being decent

At work, you may be assigned a work desk, and it is your responsibility to keep it clean and tidy within your assigned space.

Being respectful of others means keeping your workspace clean and not decorating your desk with loud posters or inappropriate imagery.

Also, keeping your desk clean and free from food scraps or dirty utensils left overnight are qualities that people will appreciate.

Keep your personal affairs private

At work, we may sometimes need to address personal matters - such as situations with your family, partner, or friends which can cause you to lose your temper.

It is easily noticeable when you come to work frustrated or have an angry personal conversation in the office.

In such cases, it is best to act professional and take the calls outside of the office or attend to such matters when you are not at work.

Accept criticism gracefully

It is unavoidable that we make mistakes at work, and when we get corrected on them - the best way to receive it is with thanks.

When your colleague or supervisor corrects you, look them in the eye and listen carefully when they relay the instructions, and ask questions if you are unsure so you will not make the same mistakes again.

By accepting your error and demonstrating a keen learning attitude, you show that you are a great team player to have around.

Share positive feedback

Another way to be liked is to recognise the excellent work of others and giving due credit. If a colleague had done a good job or gotten promoted, an e-mail congratulating them is a great way to cheer them on.

If a colleague had helped you out in an assignment, having the manners to give thanks is also a way to bond and build a good relationship.

A happy work life can allow you to perform better, so try using tips to improve your relationship with your colleagues.


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