Is it time to leave your job?

26 Aug 2019

You might feel bored or unmotivated at work. During outings with your friends, stories of them gaining new employment or career direction may be influencing you to write up a termination letter.

But how do you decide if things are bad enough to move on? Here are some ways for you to determine if you are ready to search for greener pastures.

Your skills and talent are getting ignored

Do you feel unchallenged at work and that the job scope you were assigned to is not what you expected?

If you feel unmotivated due to the lack of utilisation of your skills, you may wish to find a new job, which better fits your skill sets and make you feel challenged.

You feel stressed and dread going to work

Stress is an inevitable part of working life, but if it gets out of hand and starts to affect you negatively in a physiological manner, you may wish to re-evaluate staying in the company.

But, before you hand in your resignation, take the time to analyse the sources of your stress and see if there are any ways to get around it.

After all, if you enjoy your work or your company, you should not let small factors make you leave. Find a day to set up a meeting with your boss or HR to discuss what is bothering you.

Your colleagues gang up against you

Office bullying happens, but it should not be an office norm.

If you are a victim of bullying, speak up about it with your boss or HR. However, if your boss is the reason you wish to leave, you can try getting a transfer within the company or a change of job scope to join a new team.

Your company's recent decisions are not aligned with your values

Management may sometimes cause media frenzy or stock price fall due to bad choices.

This can be a tricky deciding factor as sometimes we may not be sure if we wish to stick it out with the company through the bad times or find better opportunities.

In this situation, you may wish to ask yourself if despite all the bad press, does the company still have growth potential for you to develop your career?

Employees have a strong voice to influence change. If the company has gone ahead with an action that did not sit well with you, chances are it probably did not bode well with others. You can stay on to rectify the decision, rather than jumping to another company.

There can be many reasons to make us want to leave the company, but before we make any rash decisions, we should take the time to evaluate our decision and seek advice from our friends and trusted colleagues before doing so.

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