How to design a successful employee orientation programme

31 Jul 2019

A new job can be challenging for many people, and when new employees don't settle in well, there can be a chance that they can leave after a short time.

A settling-in programme requires a well-rounded approach from HR, the boss, and the new employee's colleagues.

For HR practitioners, there are some ways you can plan and do to help the new colleague transition into the company.

New employee toolkit

For companies small and big, a toolkit is a convenient way as a resource guide into information on the company, HR policies and benefits, culture, work ethics and requirements, and other essential tips.

By having this information on hand or available online, new employees can easily refer if they have any questions.

Also, sometimes, HR policies can have a lot of jargon or technicalities that need to be clarified. With a toolkit, it can provide a more detailed explanation.

Support from managers & colleagues

A chat or meeting with the direct supervisor during the first week is a good way to start the next milestone.

By having a face to face contact with their boss, the new employee can feel valued or have a space to ask questions personally in a setting different from an interview.

HR can assist in briefing or giving tips to the managers on how to have a good conversation with the new colleague.

Another way to ease the transition is to assign a buddy. This person can give the newbie a lunch buddy and someone they can directly contact if they have any questions about work or the company.

Ways to bond

What other greater way to bond than fun games or good food?

HR can include in the orientation programme an activity for new hires to mix and mingle. It can be a simple tea break or a sponsored lunch.

Likewise, HR can advise the department to host a team lunch to welcome the new person by setting aside a budget for it.

In some companies, the new employee gets an orientation package like company-branded items such as umbrella, laptop bag, mug, or other useful office merchandise.

By having items like this, it lets the colleague know they are "one of us".

Management support

In most companies, getting in touch with top management is not common.

During the orientation programme, if possible, HR can arrange one of the top management leaders to give a welcome speech or share some insights or experiences to the new hires.

This personalises the orientation programme and can motivate the employees to work harder now that they have heard from the bosses.

The leaders can use this time to share strategies and goals for the company and share how the employees can contribute to them.


Most importantly, a way to continuously improve the orientation programme is by getting feedback.

Find out how the new employees' experiences are during the induction, training, or other processes like IT, e-mail, log-ins, etc., can help identify gaps and tailor a better orientation experience for the next batch.

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