Resume tips: Why cover letters are still important today

29 Jul 2019

Cover letters are a written art form. They give your resume a personality of who you are and bring you to life on paper.

These days, job applications are sent online, and companies receive a huge amount of resumes for each job role.

To make yours stand out, a cover letter sent in together with your resume is a great way to capture the recruiter's attention.

Express yourself

Cover letters beautiful your resumes by letting you design it with your thoughts and personal touches.

You can start with your favourite quote, personal story, or experience, or showcase your achievements - something that a resume might not be able to do adequately.

Did a travel experience give you insights for a role in consumer electronics role? Share it!

Or, you can share how your stint in culinary school bolsters your application for a marketing role in the restaurant industry.

The possibility to tuck in your unique experiences can be written in your letter and let you stand out.

Your intention to join

Your cover letter can also give you a voice to share why you are interested in joining this company or taking on this role.

If you are applying for a banking role, you can share the reasons that drive your motivation to join this company and not its competitors, and share your best qualities which can make you a good fit for this role.

You can also talk about the values, growth, strategies of the business that excites you to join and show your sincerity for the role.

Highlight your strengths, goals

A resume mostly talks about your qualifications, experiences, and skills.

But what about your intangible qualities like your self-starting drive, willingness to travel overseas for assignments, take on projects and initiatives out of your job scope - the cover letter is the place to talk about them.

By including points like this, you can show that you are a passionate individual seeking meaningful work in the company.

These days, companies seek well-rounded people who are looking for holistic growth. By writing about your interests is a way to show how you are different.

Things to omit

In a cover letter, it is best to highlight positive news about yourself. Information such as past salary amount, reasons why you left your previous company, negative comments about your boss or colleagues, or why you wish to leave your current one, are best left out.

Also, remember to check the cover letter for accuracy, spelling, and make sure your contact information and availability are correct and up-to-date.

Cover letters do not need to be written in fancy language. It is just another way to stand out, so be authentic. Simple words can send big messages.

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