How a diversified workplace can benefit your company

20 Jun 2019

Singapore is a country with a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, and it is not surprising to have an office with different types of people.

Diversity encompasses many factors such as gender, education qualification, age, background, nationality, culture and more.

Having a diverse office culture can bring about many benefits, so let's look at some of the best reasons from TalentFT to hire people from a wide pool of candidates.

1. Bigger, broader ideas

A homogenous office can cause employees to become stagnant in creativity.

With people with different characteristics and backgrounds, there will be more variety of skills and experiences, and most importantly, ideas.

The company can get more perspectives, and cast a wider reach of news and ideas that can benefit the company in planning and strategising.

2. Innovation

Being an innovative company is on every business leader's mind right now - but how to achieve it? Through the employees of course.

With a diverse workplace, employees bring new perspectives and get exposed to each other's exciting ideas - and when these two combine, it brings about new ways in doing things and thus, opening leads to innovative ideas.

3. Quicker problem-solving

With a homogenous employee profile, you might get people who all think the same way or not be keen to try new ideas.

A company filled with different backgrounds can allow employees to bring more fresh ideas to help solve problems quicker.

With diverse solutions, employees can look at problems from new perspectives and highlight new ways to solve anything.

Moreover, problem-solving will become easier as decision making will become faster as presented with more solutions.

4. Better employee engagement

According to research by consultancy firm, Deloitte, it found out that large Australian companies in manufacturing, retail, and healthcare boasted a link between employee engagement and workplace diversity.

Results showed that when employees feel more included, they are more likely to feel part of the company and be more proactive in working harder and supportive of management decisions.

5. Retain employees

An inclusive culture in the company can help decrease the chance of turnover.

As employees feel more accepted and respected for who they are, company culture will not be a reason that can cause them to leave. This is a great way to retain top talents.

6. Better reputation

With a reputation for being a good employer, chances are people will be more keen to work for your company.

You will be able to hire from more array of applicants and get the best talents for the jobs.

Being known to be a reputable company can help in promoting your company's branding and allow people to relate better or open doors to new markets, customers or potential businesses.

With companies moving to hire from a broader variety of applicants, HR has to play a vital role in supporting the strategy by rethinking their recruiting practices and also putting in place engagement programmes in the company to celebrate diversity.

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