Tips and tricks: Best ways to prepare for interviews

15 Apr 2019

Be it face-to-face interviews, pre-screen or even video calls, you need to be prepared to let the recruiter know you are the best person for the job.

Interviews give you the chance to show the capabilities and experiences you have for the job, your motivation for joining the company and that you share the company’s values.

Here are the best ways to prepare for your best presentation.

1. What is the job?

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

When you apply for any job, be sure to understand the job role and responsibilities. Also, finding out more on the industry and the company itself are great places to start.

Research news articles on their industry trends and opportunities. This shows you are a proactive candidate and have a keen interest on the company.

2. Who are you interviewing with?

Find out who you will be interviewing with - not just their job titles, but also ask if they will be your direct supervisor or head of department. This can help shape the type of questions you can ask.

3. What kind of interview is it?

Talk to the HR and find out how the selection process will be like.

It could be a straight-forward interview, or it can require writing tests or case studies, or several rounds with management from the local and head offices overseas.

You can check if it is a group or panel interview, or one-on-one type. Some companies even have group interviews where they give candidates a site tour.

Also, if you are interviewing with someone overseas, make sure you have the correct programme and that it is working well.

If you are doing a video call, make sure your camera and microphone are working well, and be dressed appropriately.

4. Post interview: Thank you e-mail and follow up

Thank You e-mail - this may sound old school, but it is a thoughtful gesture to have.

After the interview, you can send the HR manager a Thank You note for arranging the interview and to send your regards and thanks to the interviewers for taking their time to meet you.

According to Huffington Post, a Thank You note is a good strategy to put you on the radar with the company in a positive manner.

This sounds like you are serious about the job, appreciative of their time, and ready to engage with them, said the American news agency.

Sending an e-mail also has the chance of it being shared to the relevant people.

When to send it? Best is within 24 hours, said the article.

EXTRA: Clean up your social media presence

Now that you are on a job hunt, make sure you leave a favourable online foot print.

Companies can do a quick search and find your social media photos and make snap judgments about you.

LinkedIn is a popular tools for professionals these days, if you have one - remember to update and fill in any details that can be useful. If possible, get your managers or colleagues to endorse your skills.

Little details such as these tips can help set you apart from your peers.

Main image from Pexels

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