First day of work? Here are some tips to leave a good impression

15 Apr 2019

Your first day of work is not only an orientation for yourself, but also a chance to leave a good impression for your new colleagues.

If you get nervous during your first day, that is totally natural.

Here are some tips for you to try out to ease those stomach butterflies.

1. Pick a nice outfit

Looking great can translate to feeling great.

On the first day, you might be taking a photo for your employee identification card, so having a neat hair style and outfit is a must.

These IDs follow you during your time at the company so make sure you take a good picture with a look you feel confident in.

2. Socialising with colleagues

If you are not good at memorising names, try to repeat, clarify, and jot them down - these steps can help you to recall names easily.

Also, a way to feel comfortable with new colleagues is to mirror their body language.

Someone with a similar body language can help each other feel comfortable and build understanding faster, said

According to the site, mirroring body language is a non-verbal way to say "I am like you, I feel the same".

3. What to bring and etiquette

Before your first day, you would have liaised with the Human Resource department on any documents to bring.

Make sure you make photocopies of the documents instead of bringing originals.

Other than that, you can also bring basic office essentials like a mug, umbrella or medication if you need.

Make sure your office computer is set up and get familiarised with how the e-mail and the system works.

People will naturally be curious about you and might ask you questions about your previous jobs, marital status and interests.

You can think of some answers beforehand to satisfy their curiosity.

There are many things to take note of on the first day, but remember to enjoy the experience and leave with a good attitude.

At the end of the day, you can thank your manager and whoever has helped you transition on the first day.

A simple thanks can mean a lot. All the best!

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