The role of HR is constantly evolving. What can HR professionals do to ensure continued relevance to the organisation?

18 May 2016

The business world is constantly evolving, and along with it the role of human resource (HR) as
well. While the development of a knowledge economy gains momentum and outsourcing of
traditional HR tasks become common, it often means greater opportunities for HR professionals
to widen their job roles and make an impact on actual business growth.

Here are 4 ways that HR can play an instrumental role in staying relevant and integrated to an

1 ) Be a guiding light
When it comes to problems faced with the company, employees are usually inclined to seek
help from HR, rather than the management. Seen as a bridge between the employees and the
company, HR professionals need to balance the rights of their fellow co­workers while keeping
the company objectives in mind.

2) Delve deep into the business
As with any other job role, HR professionals need to understand their industry as a whole and
dig deep into the strategic planning of their company. This way, they would be able to tackle
issues from varied aspects and offer creative while fitting solutions.

3) Rally the team
Lack of talent and misalignment of corporate objectives is a key concern in many organisations.
As many would put it, behind every successful company lies a united and focused team. HR
thus is crucial in putting together a motivated team that is aligned to the company's goals. To do
this, HR needs to understand every employee and be able to constantly empower them so they
can perform to their maximum potential.

4) Take on a proactive role
While budgetary and operational issues are often key in making business decisions, HR should
not be overlooked. Companies have increasingly realised the difference HR can make,
especially so when they are armed with a passionate interest in the growth of the business.

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