Is dating your co-worker a taboo? Here's what we think.

18 May 2016

Love and romance in workplaces is certainly sweet. And this has made grounds for co-workers to share sweet
sensations in places of work. But problem sets in when sweet sensations and feelings starts to hinder the productivity
of workers and the firm as a whole. It is thus fair to say that the implication of dating a co-worker is double-edged
(advantageous and disadvantageous).


The Pros Of Dating A Co-Worker

- Making A Happy Work Environment

The mere feeling that co-workers are dating is sufficient to make the workplace a happy environment. This is owing to
the fact that co-workers would have more time to spend together. More so, co-workers engaged in love affairs can lift
the spirit in offices and boost the morale of other employees thereby contributing to efficiency and overall productivity
of organizations.

- Prior Knowledge

Work places have created social platforms for individuals to make adequate observations about workers that they
have romantic feelings for. Working together in a team will enable co-workers to establish relationships and have
prior details about personal characteristics and attitudes.


The Cons Of Dating A Co-Worker

- Jealousy

Workplaces become war zones when other employees are jealous of the love affair or when your partner is perceived
to be flirting around with other workers. Jealousy could also occur when a partner gets promoted or increased bonus
on salary. All these will negatively affect the efficiency of organizations.

- In The Event Of Breakups

A once lively work environment may turn sour when co-workers have spats or breakups. Such workers develop
negative attitude towards work and create an unfriendly situation to other employees.


So Should It Be Encouraged Or Discouraged?

Generally, dating is a legitimate relationship between individuals. But the determination of whether dating a co-worker
is to be encouraged depends on the following factors:

- Policies Of Organizations

Company policies need to be understood and strictly considered. Some organizations forbid co-workers dating, while
some others permit only with disclosure to the boss. The disobedience of such rules amounts to off-limits.

- Ability To Separate Work From Personal

Co-worker dating could become a taboo when they mix unnecessary pleasure with official duties. Such an
occurrence is devastating because concentration on company goals is lost. In the event of dating one's boss, there
could be indirect implications such as favoritism, clash of interests and jealousy among other employees. The
presence of these factors can often result in a bottleneck in achieving set standards. Hence to even start thinking
about workplace relationships, be sure that you are equipped with the ability to draw a clear line between work and
your love life.

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