Where is your stress coming from? It could be from you

10 Nov 2021

Nobody likes to be stressed, especially over things that end up being trivial. And if stress is not managed, it can end up harming your physical or mental health.

We usually think stress comes from external sources but have you wondered it could be coming from you?

Let's look at how we can sabotage ourselves by creating more stress on our health.

Letting go of negative matters

A lot can go wrong in a day - sometimes even before you had your morning coffee. So what should you do if you end up with unpleasant situations and can't get them out of your head when you are at work?

One way to overcome that is not to let it have power over you. Yes, it happened but you have to tell yourself that's the end of it.

By making a conscious decision not to affect you further, you can better carry on with your work.

Thinking of the past

Did you fail to speak up at a work meeting or took the blame for something you didn't do? And now, you can't stop feeling guilty or angry with yourself for not doing better or speaking up.

Those are everyday situations that many people face that can lead them to overthink and cause them anxiety.

It is normal to think about a mistake or an unpleasant situation, but you need to stop if you are still thinking about it months or even years later.

Learn to let those thoughts go. Accept what has happened and move on. The past cannot be changed no matter how much we think about it. By not moving on, it can end up causing unhappiness and stress.

Don't let drama take over

Worried about the future? Feel uncomfortable about a comment a colleague said?

These are some ways we can cause ourselves unnecessary stress by overthinking, acting on it and end up in a drama situation.

If you find yourself in such a situation, calm yourself down first or speak to a friend about the matter before taking action.

It might just seem more significant in your mind than what happened. 


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