What to do when your boss or colleagues add you on social media

10 Nov 2021

Most people these days would have a social media account and may even use it to ramp up their personal brand.

But for those who wish to keep their home lives private, what should they do if their colleagues or boss add them on social media?

Let's look at the tips we can follow to avoid unpleasant situations with your boss or even HR.

Clean it up

Adding work friends online can be a way to bond and get to know each other personally, giving more opportunities to chat.

But before you open up your accounts to them, take a look at your company's social media guidelines, policies and culture.

Your company might have a zero-tolerance policy to any posts or comments that can be deemed racist or inappropriate.

It is not unheard of for years-old comments getting dug up on Twitter and being flashed out in the media.

Also, have a look through your history and see if you might want to remove anything. Social media accounts are a way of self-expression and if you are not keen to delete, at least be prepared for questions.

Moderate yourself

Now that your colleagues are following you - you might want to consider moderating your comments and posts from now on to avoid misunderstandings.

Before you post anything, think whether it will affect anyone or get someone into trouble.

If you are on sick leave, make sure you don't post anything that shows you having fun.

Silly as it may sound, but such incidences do happen and the employee gets into disciplinary trouble.

For sensitive topics such as health or politics, you may want to consider how you choose your words.

Either way, how you present yourself on social media should be how you present yourself in your daily life and at work. 


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