HR trends influencing the future of work

10 Nov 2021

With the ongoing pandemic, it is clear that things are not going back to how they were - but that is not always a dire outlook.

Let's look at the HR work trends that are here to stay and others that we should be prepared for.

Hybrid work

Remote, flexible, team A/team B - these are some terms and working styles that managers have worked on to keep employees safe.

Even though the government may have said companies could allow their staff to return to work - a sudden outbreak in numbers can change that overnight.

Moreover, as people set up their home offices and get used to working from home, returning to the office is not an attractive perk. At the same time, some staff might welcome going back to the office.

HR has to welcome and be mindful of the hybrid model to ensure work flow is minimally disrupted, and set up clear policies and communication channels.

Worldwide expansion

Though COVID-19 has affected businesses, many are also thriving and expanding.

For global companies, HR has to step up and offer new opportunities for growth and profit making - especially in terms of hiring to tap into a wider pool of candidates and hire the best skills.

According to Forbes, many countries are relooking their labour laws to allow skilled personnel to be hired. Legal areas such as contract, payroll, admin, benefits and so on can be streamlined.

HR may need to consider issues that can lead to privacy tagging such as tracking location or e-mail monitoring through company computer or phone use.

Personal data collected also has to be protected, especially if using a third-party vendor. 

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