What is personal brand? Tips for presenting yourself online

10 Aug 2021

Job applicants these days have a lot on their plate when it comes to landing a good job.

From good grades to community service, a personal brand is also a must-have to catch the recruiter's eye, especially for fresh grads.

Show your personality

Recruiters are not just looking for people to fill the role based on technical skills. Fitting into the company culture and sharing the same values are essential for a good fit.

Focus on your breakthroughs and experiences that impacted your character and growth. Be creative in presenting your story.

Mission statement

It might sound old fashion, but mission statements are making a comeback. They are catchy and sums up a person's career aspirations in a sentence.

It shows a person's long-term outlook and insights into what kind of career fit they are looking for. A mission statement can evolve as life and career progress.

Be searchable

If you have a common name that retrieves many others after a search - it is good to make yourself distinctive.

Delve into an SEO project to make sure recruiters can find you. Brand yourself with location, school, interest or clubs.

Also, make sure your reputation online is clean and avoid making the recruiter question your candidacy.

Be yourself

A personal brand is not just highlighting your best. While you want to remain professional, having some playful elements can make your brand more personable and authentic.

There can be many similar profiles promoting the same values and traits, but a few human experiences can make your personal brand feel right and stand out from imitators. 

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