Recruiting mistakes that cost the company good talent

10 Aug 2021

Candidates who are talented and of high calibre background know their worth.

It is not uncommon these days for top candidates to walk away from lucrative deals after months of the selection process.

Let's figure out what we might be doing wrong to let slip these promising talents.

Branding and culture

It is difficult to compel someone to change job - but not impossible.

It is essential to reflect on your internal and external brand and even your company culture - how is it being represented and received.

Moreover, with networking and internet sleuthing, it is not hard for applicants to scour for insider information on what is it like to work in the company.

By being aware of what is being said, HR can nip the rumours and falsehoods in the bud by addressing them fairly on social media.

Long-term fit

Usually, when a role is available, hiring managers rush to fill it to close up the need.

Instead of hiring right now, the recruiter can let the excellent candidate know of the career progression and consider how the person would like to chart his growth.

Good candidates have high standards and displaying how the company exhibits and rewards performance can be attractive and let them know they are a long-term fit.

Widen the net

Instead of looking for the perfect candidate, look for the ideal qualities.

When checking off candidates' skills during the selection process, stick to the non-negotiations, the must-haves, for the role.

Also, don't adhere too closely to the job description as suitable candidates are resourceful and desire to learn is vital. Hire based on character and tenacity.

By doing so, recruiters will be able to cast a wider pool of top candidates. 


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