Recruiting tips for hiring managers

09 Jul 2021

Hiring for a large company is not an easy task. While there are many platforms, apps, and digital means to recruit, the science of hiring is still a lengthy and sometimes costly process.

Is your company spending too much or little resources on hiring and end up getting mismatched candidates? Let's look at some tips to improve the selection process.


Typically, when a recruiting officer receives a CV, the first thing he would do is to scan it through for preferred elements. It is not uncommon for candidates to have the correct skill sets but might not have the suitable industry or background.

Why not zero in on these keywords that make the CV stand out and input them into software to help sift through the applications more efficiently.

Also, knowing these keywords can also help the recruiter write better job descriptions and attract a wider pool of suitable candidates.


If your go-to source for getting candidates is through job ads, why not try more platforms and tools?

Networking, social media platforms, referrals or tapping into a recruitment agency's database are alternative sources to find more applicants, especially for tricky to fill roles or grow the pool of a specific position.

Though such platforms might have some costs, consider it an investment to efficiently find applicants and reach a larger audience to promote your company.


Holding on to ideal candidates can be tricky in the competitive recruiting world.

One step the company can take is to provide timelines and regular communication with the candidates, so they know what to expect and not forgo a great opportunity.

Another tip to retain the candidate is to suggest tips on interviewing better with the hiring managers. A lesser-common practice, tipping off the applicant can help them prepare and perform better during the interview.

By giving them a clearer picture of the job requirements, candidates can share more relevant experiences and skillsets, and hiring managers will know who to pick.

With this practice, it helps to minimise the lessen the competitive edge and create better engagement and relationship. 

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