How to stay focused working from home using these science-based tips

05 May 2021

While working from home has allowed for greater flexibility, remote working's lack of structure and social and visual cues from office life has gotten many employees distracted by home life matters and causing them to lose focus on work.

Let's look at some science-based supported tips shared on Forbes to refocus and build positive work habits.

Find your flow

Finding your focus needs to be trained, just like an athlete wants to achieve better performance.

Like warm-up, exercise sets, cool down and rest - an employee also needs to find their flow and build their rhythm.

Performance can be split into three zones - peak, rebound and recovery.

Is your peak performance usually in the mornings? Then focus your energy on tasks that are of high priority and importance. Challenging tasks are best tackled in this zone.

Rebound is a period below peak performance but yet still good enough to complete tasks of lower priority.

Recovery time is for rest and recharge for as getting your meals. During this time frame, getting chores done are also be slipped in.

Remove distractions, don't fight it

Netflix, Spotify, Whatsapp, e-mails and many other social media apps we have on our phones are undeniably a massive source of distraction.

Designed to keep making our return to the screens - these apps are a staple in our daily lives that we can't get rid of them.

Most people end up doing their best to ignore the urge but yet end up succumbing to the apps. Our self-control is not an unlimited resource - it will eventually run out, and we end up giving in.

One way is to remove the apps and control the relationship with your phone by turning it off or hiding the apps and putting them out of sight.

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