How to identify barriers preventing company success

05 Apr 2021

You hired the right people, and you got good projects - but yet, the team or the employees are struggling to perform.

What is the missing piece to get the business running smoothly and lucratively?

Let's look at possible areas that could be an unexpected barrier to your company's success.

Leadership mismatch

It is not uncommon for an employee to leave due to a job or skills mismatch, and these days another issue that has arisen is the mismatch of leadership.

High-performing employees need a strong manager to lead them. When a high performer is assigned to a low-performing team leader, there can be conflicts of ideas, unwilling engagement, or decreased performance motivation.

During appraisals, employees can be surveyed to determine if their supervisors match up to their expectations and needs to build strategic working relationships.

Oversight from C-suites, management

In most companies, periodic goals and objectives are revealed as direction for growth and innovation.

While these goals help to keep the company and the workplace agile, oversight in planning and overlooking potential hiccups can become unexpected barriers in its transition.

According to Harvard Law, research has found that a strategic piece to success is the tracking and accountability of progress.

To realise the goals, management and HR have to work together to implement a real-time progress report and surveys for the whole company to stay focus on targeted performance and shifts.


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