Best ways to celebrate wins in the company

05 Apr 2021

While day-to-day in the office can be stressful, there can be ways to celebrate wins in the company.

By doing so, the team gets to highlight milestones and not only big wins, helping them to keep motivated and focused on the goal.

Let's find out more from HR experts as shared to Forbes.

Colleague-to-colleague recognition

Recognition does not always have to come from team leaders, multi-level employees should also have the chance to highlight key efforts from colleagues in both formal and informal occasions.

With insights from on the ground employees, there can be more eyes to pick up exceptional hard work and give the staff a chance to shine.

By doing so, peer to peer support and recognition helps to create team engagement, camaraderie, and stronger bonds and trust.

Get creative in appreciation

As teams get diverse, be it age, culture, backgrounds, and more, the ways we celebrate wins have to get a face lift to build more inclusivity.

Other than technology and monetary means, find out from the team ideas on how they like to be recognised and if this practice should be periodic or done in a group or individual setting.

Have a say on social media

It is great to be recognised within the team, but how about giving the high-performing employee a shoutout or testimonial on LinkedIn?

As a professional platform, a shoutout can be highly favoured as business partners, peers, and current and ex-colleagues can witness this public acknowledgement and be aware of the staff's career highlights.


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