Tips to level up performance reviews and appraisals

10 Mar 2021

As January rolled into February, it won't be long before the quarterly performance reviews and appraisals exercise starts.

While some employees welcome the time to highlight their special projects and achievements in the past year, others might find it a dreaded period where their weak contributions or skill gaps will be brought up.

This annual review is not meant to air grievances, but help employees unleash potential and achieve greater work satisfaction.

Focus on employee potential

Past mistakes should not be brought up during the appraisals. If any were made, they should be addressed at the time of occurrence.

Reviews should focus on the future and the potential the employee can deliver to future projects and allocate them accordingly.

Also, it is essential to focus on where their interest lies so the manager can guide them towards skills building and become an even more valuable asset to the company.

Monitor level of motivation

Reviews are an open and honest environment where both managers and employees can share their thoughts. If an employee is underperforming, this is an excellent opportunity to find out more.

Poor performance or motivation can be due to personal reasons or a lack of clear focus on what needs to be done. If the employee is not aligned with the work goals, it can be difficult for him to give 100%.

By having a better understanding, managers can dig deep and find out the reasons, and also improve retention.

By valuing the employees' thoughts and intentions, it can make them feel respected and valued.

Check off written goals

Nobody likes to be unprepared during a review, and the conversation should stick to a follow up on the previous session's written goals and targets.

Just as a review is - it is meant to look back on what was done. Future goals can be discussed after the previous ones are done.



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