What to expect in a hybrid workplace

17 Feb 2021

The business world is a never-ending cycle of fast-changing growth, new beginnings, and endings.

And, with the onset of a post-COVID-19 labour market and environment, one might be feeling lost on what is going on.

One thing we know for sure - going back to the office will not look the same anymore. Let's look at the different areas that underwent significant changes during the pandemic.

Upping cybersecurity, education

As we got locked down in our homes in 2020, companies had to ramp up systems, processes and procedures to ensure work continues to get done.

Employees were fitted with a laptop to tap into VPN and remote access. With that, instead of more centralised network security, now staff can be working anywhere from their bedrooms to cafes.

With this decentralisation, companies also have to up their network security guard against cyberattacks and minimise system vulnerability.

If one should unknowingly click onto a virus-filled e-mail, IT should have updated their protocol on resolving such hacks. Employees should also be taught basic cyber knowledge to prevent escalation.

Finding consistency in hiring practices

Another area that has been affected is recruitment. With the limited travels and visas applications, the pool of diverse talents has become dramatically smaller.

Assessment tools have also been relooked and enhanced to ensure the best candidate gets fished out from the limited pool.

Other than video conferences, companies have invested in higher-level personality tests and allowing more leadership position team members and same level employees to participate and gather insights from a 360 screening process.

After, onboarding processes have been modified to ensure the new hire gets a similar or even better experience pre-pandemic, and integrate as seamlessly with the co-workers and company's values as possible.

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