How to get out of a fixed mindset and change for success

17 Feb 2021

There can be many hinders to success, and one of them is a self-generated fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset is when an individual believes that the characteristics, skills, and qualities that he has cannot be changed or improved, and that talent or luck is needed for success and not effort.

According to American psychologist and author, Carol Dweck, there are ways that we can encourage ourself to shift out of a fixed mindset into one that is more forward-thinking called growth mindset.

A growth mindset has an individual realizing that their intelligence and skills can develop with time and new experiences through effort and perseverance.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Do you procrastinate when you have a big assignment and leave work to the last minute? Do you consider this a weakness or a strength?

Seemingly bad qualities may not always be harmful if we can channel them in positive ways.

If you tend to procrastinate, try creating specific habits to help you kick out of it or plan a schedule that ensures you know the timelines and not miss out on any deadlines.

Take on challenges like opportunities

Issues at work can be frustrating when they turn up unplanned or costly. Thus, we tend to avoid challenges due to our fear of failure and stay in our comfort zone.

With a growth mindset, employees can view them to develop skills and learn more about themselves.

Grow your brain

Our brain is continually changing and learning with the new experiences and connections that we encounter everyday.

We can also train our brain to be reprogrammed towards new mindsets and become agile in adapting. If your mind can change, so can your brain.

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