How artificial intelligence positively impacts recruitment

04 Oct 2020

As companies enhance their operations, more and more are integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to meet challenges like for high-volume applicant roles in recruitment.

Recruitment has faced many transformations throughout years, especially of late, with digitisation and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, as businesses get comfortable with AI, let's look at why this innovative tool is pertinent not only for the employer but for the job hunter as well.

Predictive job analysis

AI has the capabilities to create predictive job analysis and provide insights into human capital needs.

For students, knowing what roles and skills are in demand can be helpful for them to decide on school majors and specialisation.

In the company, AI can be leveraged to forecast growth and areas for expansion, thus giving information on the skills gaps that need to develop, and even influence current Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to direct growth and succession.

Reach the right applicants

Finding top candidates is not an easy task, especially for leadership roles which can be mostly dependent on referrals.

By introducing AI, the programme can fine-tune the pool of candidates to provide more diversity in race, gender, age, background and offer more equal opportunities to deserving people.

Another top benefit is to streamline work processes like in resume selection.

By identifying keywords and figures, technology can cut manual labour and processing time, making it a worthwhile investment for large corporations.

Identify culture fit

One of the reasons for attrition is due to culture misfit. After a long process of selection, having the job hire leave within a short time due to this reason can be frustrating for HR partitioners.

AI can help to optimise the recruitment, screening, and selection process.

Minimise workload

With AI, every command and process can be traced in the programme allowing the recruiting process to become more accountable and transparent.

This is an excellent way for companies to promote fairer hiring practices.


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