Why executing a good online interview is important for the candidate and hiring company

22 Jul 2020

When COVID-19 first hit and businesses took their operations online, virtual meetings became a norm and people around the world had to adapt to a new way of presenting and communication. 

In terms of interviewing, the virtual meeting has become the primary medium, and acing it is crucial for both the candidate and the company. 

Expectations in execution 

From jokes to embarrassing meeting failures, this faux pas feels like a thing of the past as people have accommodated to these new technical tools and mastered these platforms.

When running an interview, it may look bad for the candidate or the hiring company if there are instances of fumbling, distraction, inadequate lighting or messy background. These set-up errors are not viewed lightly anymore. 

But as we can't control all aspects of the meeting, both parties can learn to troubleshoot these issues and appear confident in handling malfunctions and avoid having a major impact on the interview outcome. 

Expectations in evaluation

For candidates, going to an interview in person is an excellent way to assess company culture and interaction to get an overall vibe of the place. 

For the company, interviews face to face are a great way to read body language and get a feel of the person without any filters.

And it is unavoidable to mention the pandemic, so the job seeker and hiring manager will have to prepare to ask and answer questions relating to COVID-19, which is a good way to evaluate suitability. 

Candidates can share about how they made good use of the time to take on new skills, courses or even volunteer to lend a hand to the community in need. These are great ways to demonstrate a positive attitude in an adverse situation and help others.

While for companies, they can share how they prioritise the needs of customers and employees to keep their health in check through re-strategising processes and policies. By doing so, this gives potential candidates a look into their culture and leadership.

By thinking through and preparing well ahead, both the company and job seeker can control the situation within their means and feel less stressed should unexpected hitches occur. 


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