Employees share skills that their manager can improve on

04 Jun 2020

Being a team leader is a tough job - from hitting targets to developing the skills of the employees, a manager has to wear many hats in the role. Thus, there might be some areas that may need more attention. In the 2019 People Management report by consulting firm, The Predictive Index, over 1,000 people from 13 industries were polled on their managers' five core competencies. Let's find out what are the top skills employees agree that their managers can improve on.

Team building More than just fun activities and occasional drinks, team building is a process that requires thought and consideration. By choosing the right activities, managers can help the team grow their awareness of each other in terms of temperament, personality, skills and weaknesses. The bonding sessions also allow them to have the chance to be vulnerable and share their struggles at work. Thus, employees can develop a deeper trust and openness in each other and work together more effectively.

Feedback giving There is no set formula for giving feedback, as every employee is different. If a manager overshares, he might give the impression that the staff is underperforming. And if the feedback is too brief, it may show disinterest or hinder the employee's growth potential. Other than performance appraisals, managers can conduct impromptu feedback sessions to highlight areas promptly. With a macro view of the team's performance, managers' input is vital to direct higher output.

Delegation At work, our responsibilities can span beyond what was written in the job description. New assignments or side projects come up that can enhance the overall performance - but yet, sometimes these tasks are left hanging as someone with authority does not delegate them. Thus, managers must take the lead in assigning these roles and allow employees to enhance their skills and develop new capabilities.

Time management A manager's time management can affect his team's output. A team leader needs to have a good awareness of time management to ensure his actions will not disrupt workflow for the team. A late approval or delegation can cause grievances such as disputes in the team or affect clients' project timelines.


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